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Prinzipiell ist bei Angabe von Sexualverhalten von selbstwertdienlichen Erinnerungsverzerrungen und Tendenzen der Selbstdarstellung auszugehen. Manuskriptdaten eingereicht: Dtsch Arztebl Int ; — The English version of this article is available online: www. World Health Organization: Defining sexual health. Report of a technical consultation on sexual health, 28—31 January , Geneva. Lancet ; —94 CrossRef. Psychol Rundsch ; —43 CrossRef.

Epid Bull ; 3: 20—7. Epid Bull ; — Bundesgesundheitsbl ; —58 CrossRef. Lancet ; —42 CrossRef. Bericht aus Bonn The Germans and their Men — Report from Bonn was a docu-fiction film produced in in which sanders investigates the impact of feminist thought after twenty years of women's activism; male parliamentarians, ministerial officials, the federal Chancellor and the man in the street are all interrogated. She left the institution in A retrospective of her collected works in film was shown in their Arsenal Cinema.

Sanders is also an author and publicist for "Die Geschichten der drei Damen K" The Three Women K where stories about irony within heterosexual relationships are told from a female perspective. In Sanders made "Mitten im Malestream" In the Midst of the Malestream in which she reviews and investigates the second wave of German feminism that she helped kickstart back in This film explores the central conflicts and questions that seem to be left unanswered.

Sanders entire career of activism can be summarized throughout this film, but it also offers more than just a summary and pushes the boundaries of experimental film. Helke Sander's work is characterized by the use of filters, which function as a visual cue to remind the audience of the subjectivity presented. The use of the filter draws attention to the properties of a documentary and the ideology being communicated, allowing the audience an awareness of the rhetoric being delivered.

Sanders' use of filters ushered in a new wave of experimental filmmaking, where the visual style of the film became equally as important as the subject itself. Redupers is a documentary about the Berlin Wall, the border between East and West Berlin, and the central character's relationship to Berlin. Through authorial inscription, Helke Sander portrays the central character of the film, a woman who must come to terms with the political and private sphere of being a woman against the backdrop of unrest. The Subjective Factor chronicles the origins of the women's movement and the Berlin student movement, set against the backdrop of a commune, and deals with issues of anarchism, terrorism, and phallocentrism.

Sander's portrayal shows Leftist males run the commune while women are relegated to domestic duties and are denied rights to speak out. The film is set during the late sixties and consists of a combination of fictional footage and newsreel footage. The use of filter in the film draws attention to the properties of the documentary itself, the views that are presented.

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Sander's film was particularly controversial because there were concerns that the film placed too much emphasis on German suffering, thereby lessening guilt for the Holocaust. Defenders of the film argue that Sander's project is a complex reflection on rape as a weapon of war.


They argue that the film resists presenting a one-sided depiction of German victimization citing the film's attention to German war crimes and self-reflexive qualities. This documentary uses an arrangement of interviews to create an overall thematic message. Questions have been raised in regards to Sanders use of filters in this documentary, especially as it relates to the portrayal of ethnic qualities, which were overemphasized within the interviews.

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