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Can you guess what it is? Also, according to a new study, inventive spelling is the strongest causal link to literary skills. Hooray for phonics! We collapsed on the Love Sac to transition into reading time. Am I doing this right?

6 Super Fun First Day Back to Homeschool Traditions! - Autistic Mama

We picked up Kaitlyn from preschool and spent 2 sunshiny hours at the playground with friends before the first day of school festivities culminated in celebratory ice cream. Though the freedom still feels a little crazy and the unfounded fears of socialization float through the back of my mind, I am thrilled. Thank you for allowing me to share this journey with you, not as an expert obviously , but as a fellow mom with all the worries, insecurities, and small celebrations that go along with it. Brittany Dixon is a former health coach turned homeschooling mom of two girls.

1. First Day Pictures

Her goal is to share her passion for healthy eating and natural living alongside the daily challenges and triumphs of motherhood. She shares her life through the lens of food, family, and travel. What a fun and educational day!

There is no universal right or wrong okay maybe if you did nothing but let them sit in from of a TV watching cartoons-: in how you teach a child. You will do what works for you and Hailey—and she will thrive! You go girl! So proud of you and what you are doing! Great job! You both are so fortunate to have the relationship and opportunity to connect, learn, and have fun together in this period of time. Revel in it! Thanks, Dad!

What a fun day! I wish we had children the same age so I can follow you along on this amazing journey with my own kids! You are an inspiring mama and Hailey will do amazing things…you got this!! Thanks for this beautiful and personal post. Hope you continue to enjoy the process! Congratulations on a wonderful first day!

6 Super Fun First Day Back to Homeschool Traditions!

We would do this with objects in the classroom at school e. That sounds like such a cute game! And anything is game form is right up our alley. Well done mama bear!! Sounds like you rocked day one and this will be such an exciting journey for you both and so many valuable lessons! Thank you so much for sharing this.

I think we all have the same kind of fears when they start something new. You are an amazing mom and doing amazing by those beautiful girls. Keep up the good work momma. It sounds like an amazing first day. I love getting inspiration from you! Thank you so much, Erin! The encouragement means more than you know! I keep reminding myself that all of life has ups and downs and no path is perfect. What a great first day!

For us, every week has gotten easier.

First Day of School Field Trips

I am a big believer in lots of breaks. If the vein in my forehead is popping out thanks for noticing, children! It amazes me how much we can accomplish in a short period of time — sanity breaks included.

Looking forward to following your homeschool experience! Nadia recently posted.. Four Friday Favorites! I think that is what threw me off- how quickly we can move through stuff! Hi Lisa, yes! Beautiful description of your first official day, Brittany. Congrats to all of you and keep up the inspiring work!! Oh thank you so much; means a lot!

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I feel so fortunate to have so many teachers, homeschoolers, parents, and friends to lean on and get advice from. Oh my gosh it almost fell like 20 times!! Love the honest first day of homeschooling post. Happy First Day! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful and raw thoughts about your first day! I thought about you girls yesterday and hoped your day was going well!!

I also understand your thoughts about working to deschool your mind.. I think as a former elementary teacher that will be one of the toughest parts for me! How awesome that Hailey was able to learn with you yet still have the afternoon to play outside. Definitely a huge blessing of homeschooling! Love this post, Brittany! I am just starting to homeschool my 4 year old for pre-k.

I am also in NC and attended the homeschool conference last spring. So for kindergarten, it would just be 30 minutes. Now I am not saying it HAS to be that way. You do what is best for your girls!! Addie and I usually do maybe 45 minutes or so a day, but that is broken into 10 minutes here, 15 minutes there throughout the day. And she is doing mostly kindergarten work. You are going to do an amazing job.

Just breathe and trust your mommy instincts. Not every day has to look the same or look perfect. Lots of love to you. Please keep these posts up! Love reading them! Kristen, thank you so much for your comment and for sharing the 30 minutes per grade rule. That seriously makes me feel so much better that an hour would be sufficient if some days end up like that. You are doing great! I think you will absolutely love teaching and your daughters, in turn, will benefit immensely!

Looking back, it honestly took me about 3 years to find my groove in the classroom, although I realize the homeschooling dynamic is quite different from a classroom of Teaching is in itself a dynamic profession, and each year I tap into new ideas and inspirations. Also, I teach math and use the PBS Learning Media website for ideas on real life math projects and activities, although they have activities for all subjects, searchable by grade and content area.

Many projects are interactive, with a short video followed by an activity or worksheet.

A projector connected to my computer was a simple but invaluable investment for my classroom. It also leads naturally into richer questions, discussions, and higher level thinking in the classroom. And yes, you are so right about the difference between teaching one child my own and a classroom.