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At every turn Harry discovers that the childhood world he thought he knew, was false, along with almost everyone in it. Only when he confronts his own death does he realize that all along he's been used as a pawn in a far larger game. The State Opening of Parliament. The most magnificent royal occasion of the year. The Queen, her Cabinet and all the most powerful people in the land are gathering in one room, the House of Lords. And none of them know they are about to endure the most terrifying day of their lives.

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Not all of them will survive. It creates the cruellest challenge any leader could face. As the world watches on live television and holds its breath, President and Prime Minister are torn in two between their duty as statesmen, and their love as parents. Yet others have their agendas, too, not least of them Harry Jones, a man who is already undergoing the worst day of his life when he becomes swept up in the maelstrom.

What can he do about this act of terrorism when the most powerful people are rendered helpless? He can ask one simple question - why? Dobb's latest thriller is set in the world of cyber-warfare.

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The plot is very plausible for today, a war that takes place in cyber-space is a chilling premise and Dobbs delivers a fast paced and tense thriller. She decides that there is only one way to stop being a perpetual victim of the system and that is to become its master. There has to be something very special about a story when you know the ending and without doubt there is something very special here. Dobbs wrote a parliamentary trilogy which became excellent television in House of Cards. Now he takes Winston Churchill as his central character and, keeping absolutely to the facts here , manages to weave an extraordinarily thrilling and perceptive tale.

This is terrific stuff. Similar this month: Stella Rimington, Alistair Beaton. His recent novels, featuring Tom Goodfellowe, are Goodfellowe MP, The Buddha of Brewer Street, and Whispers of Betrayal, which with eerie prescience ahead of September 11th told of how a small group of trained and motivated people could hold an entire city to ransom.

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Newly elected Prime Minister Francis Urquhart takes on the new King, in the controversial No 1 bestselling second volume in the Francis Urquhart trilogy - now reissued in audio. Its highly controversial and uncannily topical storyline - in which the role of the monarchy in modern Britain comes under scrutiny as Prime Minister Francis Urquhart threatens to expose Royal secrets when his plans are blocked by the idealistic new King - coincided with a huge increase in public interest in the future of the Royal Family following a series of Royal scandals.

The acclaimed political thriller that first introduced the unforgettable Francis Urquhart MP and launched Michael Dobbs' No 1 bestselling career. Michael Dobbs' entertaining tale of skulduggery and intrigue within the Palace of Westminster has been a huge hit with the public. Its scheming hero, Chief Whip Francis Urquhart, who uses fair means and foul to become Prime Minister, is one of the best-known characters of the last decade - the politician we all love to hate.

Acclaimed for its authenticity and insights into a secret world - the result of many years working behind the scenes for the Conservative Party - it became a highly popular, award-winning BBC TV series, with Francis Urquhart memorably portrayed by Ian Richardson, and was followed by two further sequels, 'To Play the King' and 'The Final Cut', which also became top-rating TV series. Francis Urquhart ist wieder da - und der frisch gebackene Premierminister festigt seine Macht. Diesmal greift er sogar den Konig an. Denn der idealistische neue Konig will Francis' zynische Machtspielchen nicht dulden, und so werden die beiden wichtigsten Manner im Staat schnell zu erbitterten Feinden.

Urquhart droht damit, der Presse Geheimnisse der Royals zuzuspielen und damit die Zukunft der englischen Monarchie aufs Spiel zu setzen - aber ist das wirklich noch ein Spiel, das er gewinnen kann?

In Francis Urquhart kocht es vor Wut. Schon wieder ist er bei der Besetzung der Kabinettsposten ubergangen worden. Doch Rache wird am besten kalt gegessen Skrupellos schmiedet er mit seiner Frau eine Intrige, die der Premierminister politisch nicht uberleben wird Click here. The Rap Sheet Faithful. Disclosure Notice The Rap Sheet accepts books sent free of charge from publishers, publicists, and authors.

The Buddha of Brewer Street

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