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Try interviewing friends and family of the person celebrating a birthday.

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Then put the footage together in a video you can watch on a TV or project onto a screen. Though the video below is designed to celebrate a new calendar year, it could easily be re-worked to fit a new year in your life or the life of someone you love. Life story: Create a mini-biography that includes photos of the major events and important highlights your birthday recipient will want to remember. Belated birthday: Miss out on an important birthday? A video can double as a birthday greeting and an apology. The extra effort will make your belated birthday wishes stand out even more. Instead, create a short video that acknowledges all the birthday love and maybe even shows how you spent your b-day.

Gift video: Make your birthday gift a little more special with a video featuring your gift. Add instructions or background to introduce your gift—or get creative! Ready to create your own birthday video? Dive in and start making your one-of-a-kind gift. Happy video making! All Rights Reserved. Tags: birthday gift , Birthday Party , birthday video gift , birthday video ideas. The leading character was a rabbit who lived like all the other wild rabbits, but who was as intelligent as Albert Einstein or William Shakespeare.

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It was a female rabbit. She was the only female leading character in any novel or story by Kilgore Trout. She concluded that her mind was useless, that it was a sort of tumor, that it had no usefulness within the rabbit scheme of things. So she went hippity-hop, hippity hop toward the city, to have the tumor removed. But a hunter named Dudley Farrow shot and killed her before she got there. Farrow skinned her and took out her guts, but then he and his wife Grace decided that they had better not eat her because of her unusually large head. They thought what she had thought when she was alive — that she must be diseased.

Kilgore Trout once wrote a short novel about the importance of the clitoris in love-making. This was in response to a suggestion by his second wife, Darlene, that he could make a fortune with a dirty book. She told him that the hero should understand women so well that he could seduce anyone he wanted. So trout wrote The Son of Jimmy Valentine. He was a safe-cracker. His sense of feel was so delicate that he could open any safe in the world by feeling the tumblers fall.

Ralston Valentine also sandpapered his fingertips. Ralston was so good at touching women the way they wanted to be touched, that tens of thousands of them became his willing slaves.

And advertising agency on another planet had a successful campaign for the local equivalent of Earthling peanut butter. The eye-catching part of each ad was the statement of some sort of average — the average number of children, the average size of the male sex organ on that particular planet — which was two inches long, with an inside diameter of three inches and an outside diameter of four and a quarter inches — and so on. The ads invited the readers to discover whether they were superior or inferior to the majority, in this respect or that one — whatever the respect was for that particular ad.

The ad went on to say that superior and inferior people alike ate such and such brand of peanut butter. It was Shazzbutter. And the peanut butter-eaters on Earth were preparing to conquer the shazzbutter-eaters on the planet in the book by Kilgore Trout. They had demolished everything. So they were ready to go pioneering again. They studied the shazzbutter-eaters by means of electronic snooping, and determined that they were too numerous and proud and resourceful ever to allow themselves to be pioneered. So the Earthlings infiltrated the ad agency which had the shazzbutter account, and they buggered the statistics in the ads.

They made the average for everything so high that everybody on the planet felt inferior to the majority in every respect. And then the Earthling armored space ships came in and discovered the planet. Only token resistance was offered here and there, because the natives felt so below average. And then the pioneering began.

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Trout, incidentally, had written a book about a money tree. It had twenty-dollar bills for leaves. Its flowers were government bonds. Its fruit was diamonds. It attracted human beings who killed each other around the roots and made very good fertilizer. So it goes. The premise of the book was this: Life was an experiment by the Creator of the Universe, Who wanted to test a new sort of creature He was thinking of introducing into the Universe.

It was a creature with the ability to make up its own mind. All the other creatures were fully programmed robots. The book was in the form of a long letter from The Creator of the Universe to the experimental creature.

The Creator congratulated the creature and apologized for all the discomfort he had endured. He was transferred to a virgin planet instead.

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Living cells were sliced from the palms of his hands, while he was unconscious. And then the cells were stirred into a soupy sea on the virgin planet. They would evolve into ever more complicated life forms as the eons went by. Whatever shapes they assumed, they would have free will. He simply called him The Man. On the virgin planet, The Man was Adam and the sea was Eve. The Man often sauntered by the sea. Sometimes he waded in his Eve. Sometimes he swam in her, but she was too soupy for an invigorating swim. She made her Adam feel sleepy and sticky afterwards, so he would dive into an icy stream that had just jumped off a mountain.

He screamed when he dived into the icy water, screamed again when he came up for air. He bloodied his shins and laughed about it when he scrambled up rocks to get out of the water. He panted and laughed some more, and he thought of something amazing to yell.

The Creator never knew what he was going to yell, since The Creator had no control over him. The Man himself got to decide what he was going to do next — and why.

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The only other big animal on the virgin planet was an angel who visited The Man occasionally. He was a messenger and an investigator for the Creator of the Universe. He took the form of an eight hundred pound male cinnamon bear.

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He was a robot, too, and so was The Creator, according to Kilgore Trout. The bear was attempting to get a line on why The Man did what he did. Dear sir, poor sir, brave sir: You are an experiment by the Creator of the Universe. You are the only creature in the entire Universe who has free will.