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Zafira says he is a " guardian beast " rather than a familiar, but Arf retorts that it's the same thing. Yuuno plays a somewhat similar role to a familiar for Nanoha in the first season, and is occasionally taken for one; in reality, he's a shapeshifting mage. Mahou Sensei Negima! While animal familiars seem to exist, as Chamo suggested becoming Negi's familiar himself, humans are more often than not the familiars of mages. And while there are tons of people shown to be involved in a pactio, almost nobody has been shown with an animal familiar.

In Maria the Virgin Witch , familiars have both an animal and human form. It's clear that she's the dominant one in the relationship and he doesn't seem to get anything out of it beyond proving to his father that he is a strong wizard.

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In Naruto , the Summoning Jutsu allows a ninja to make a personal pact with a race of Funny Talking Animal that become their close allies. In Noragami , The gods assign names to their chosen spirits to create the bond. This allows the gods to turn them into specific item unique to that spirit , ranging from swords to earrings that you can use for combat or just let them stay at your mansion just like what Bishamon did. Yukine and Kazuma took a level of up when they became Hafuri s after they did a noble thing for their masters, like risking their lives.

She can extract pieces of soul and lifespan from individuals. These pieces of soul can then find their way into various inanimate objects or animals and bring them to life as creatures with human intelligence known as "Homies". Big Mom always keeps three particular Homies with her: A cartoonish looking sun named Prometheus, a storm cloud calld Zeus, and her bicorne hat, Napeoleon.

Familiar Spirits: What They Are & How A Witch Can Make One

These three are explicitly stated by Big Mom to be more powerful than normal Homies since they're given life with Big Mom's own soul. Each has powerful abilities in battle, respectively fire, lightning, and the ability to become a sword. Napeoleon has also displayed an ability to get signals from elsewhere and keep Big Mom informed on goings on around her kingdom of Totto Land.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica : Familiars are the minions of witches, the evil beings in this anime.

Summoning at a time of need gives you flexibility

Familiars are not that strong and don't have Grief Seeds, but they are still a threat for humans as it's stated in the first episodes they can become witches as well if allowed to grow powerful enough. To a lesser extent, Rei Hino's twin crows, Phobos and Deimos. In the manga , they have the ability to transform into Sailor Senshi themselves.

Also, Zirconia's familiar, Zircon. If Pandora goes away from the shrine Zeus keeps Pearl and can harm it if Pandora tries defying him, rebounding on Pandora. In Strike the Blood , Kojou Akatsuki, being the Fourth Progenitor, has twelve familiars who are very powerful each giving him specific abilities. In Sugar Sugar Rune , each of the Queen Candidates have their own familiar that advise them on how to capture hearts: Vanilla has Blanca, a mouse, and Chocolat has Duke, a frog.

Also, Pierre has a black cat named Cernunnos. It is later revelead that most familiars are actually witches who did something illegal and Cernunnos is actually Chocolat's mother, Cinnamon. The bare basics of the card game implies the player is the master and any mon they summon acts as a temporary familiar. Some players don't add any attachment to any particular monster to such an extent and the ones that do don't necessarily add any benefits to the monster in question. The first example of a modern duelist who could see and interact with the Spirits of the monsters in his deck and felt a personal relationship with them was Raphael.

Find Familiar | D&D 5th Edition on Roll20 Compendium

It's unknown whether they actually talked back to him when he talked to them. Occasionally, some cards are seen making independent choices. In the first series, the very first duel between Yugi and Kaiba, has the later attempt to cheat by putting the Blue Eyes he stole from Yugi's grandpa on the top of his deck, then drawing and summoning it instantly. The dragon immediately self destructs, allowing Yugi to call it back to his own side with Raise Dead Monster Reborn.

In the Pharaoh's Memory arc where the monsters and their summoners originated from to make the modern day card game, however, it is played much more straight where the summoners can summon any ka monster they can access in exchange for the monster tapping into their master's ba life energy , but every person also has a primary ka that serves as the embodiment of their soul and is not only much stronger than other kas the summoner can use, but whose well-being also affects the health of the summoner directly.

GX also references a bond like the Pharaoh's Memory arc by having some duelists share such a strong bond with a particular monster that they become their spirit partners and thus can communicate with their partner from time to time. The biggest examples are Winged Kuriboh [to Judai], Ruby Carbuncle [to Jonah], and the three Ojamas [to Manjyome], although all three of them can talk to most Duel Spirits in their decks.

In Zatch Bell! It's mentioned that Celty has the ability to un-summon him, but without her head, she's lost the memories of how to re-summon him, and she's not sure what would happen to him while he was gone. Card Games. The Charmers in Yu-Gi-Oh! In their artwork, small monsters can be seen alongside human spellcasters.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Witch Familiars Explained

They definitely count, if the closely-related Familiar-Possessed archetype is anything to go by. Magic: The Gathering Players can summon creatures to act as familiars. Comic Books. In one issue of Beasts of Burden a coven of witches each with a cat familiar moved into town. While most of them were killed along with the witches, Dympha survived and sought revenge on the others, then joined them.

She retains some magical capabilities without the witch. In Hellblazer , the mother of John's friend Chaz is some overbearing witch with an orangutan familiar. They have to off the familiar which kills the mother to free Chaz from his mothers oppression. In X-Men , the relationship between Kitty Pryde and her pet dragon, Lockheed, fits the trope fairly nicely, despite not being of a supernatural nature. In the Baldur's Gate fanfic A Tale of Two Mages , an additional rule is established: when a mage casts the Find Familiar spell, the familiar is chosen as the creature maximally "compatible" to the mage in a certain radius.

There's a mention of some poor girl who got her own tapeworm as a familiar, and one character muses that it could be much worse: she could get somebody else's tapeworm as a familiar.

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  8. It just so happens that two wizards — Neutral Good Nalia and Lawful Evil Edwin — cast the spell simultaneously while being in a fairly close proximity Hilarity Ensues. In Sauramud Advice Column for Young Wizardlings , some poor wizard asks for advice about the giant slug which he got as a familiar. Films — Animation. Aladdin : No word could describe better Jafar's parrot Iago who is more a partner-in-crime than a mere goon. According to Word of God there is indeed a magical bond. Specifically Jafar used to be much more hot-headed and bad-tempered but attempted through his arcane knowledge to transfer this part of him to his normal pet parrot so that he would become more reserved and more capable of concentrating on magic studies.

    Iago became sentient but he was too uncontrollable. Merlin in The Sword in the Stone has an owl named Archimedes. Films — Live-Action. In The Crow , the titular animal is effectively a familiar for the main character although, unknown to the main character, the crow also serves as the main character's Soul Jar — wounding it will remove his Healing Factor , and killing it will make him mortal again. In the Mystery Science Theater -viewed movie Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders , the jerkass critic tries to turn his cat into a familiar. It doesn't work. Teen Witch subverts this by making Louise's familiar an object: a blue charm which she is told both symbolizes her powers and always find a way back to her from lifetime to lifetime.

    Children of the Night : Czakyr has a familiar who takes the form of a year-old boy. He's made of Czakyr's desires and is a total perv. Maleficent : Maleficent saves the life of the raven Diaval, who in return serves her as a spy and confidant.

    Cats Can Cross the Veil Between Worlds

    Diaval is an actual raven, but he has human intelligence and Maleficent himself gives him human form at her will. Mythica : Betylla's beetles seem to serve as his, since they can understand and follow his orders, flying to specific people when he's commanded it. He uses it to deliver messages for Peregus. They don't speak though-just flying to people serves as the message. City of Devils : Witches have familiars, ranging from Hexene's toad to the songbirds of the Salem Sisters.