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Les Fleurs du Mal by Charles Baudelaire

Je vous remercie de votre attention ainsi que vos collaborateurs pour le suivi des envois. Write your review! French edition. Quantity: Notify me when this product is available. Baudelaire's corrected proofs for his Flowers of Evil Charles Baudelaire is one of the most influential poets of all time.

La Fleur Du Mal (Italian Extended)

Published for the very first time… Each slipcase is handmade. Press coverage. Natalie R. Such a Beautiful Book Such a beautiful book!

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In this case, Helen Palma has not only translated well, she has also selected well. For readers of French, the original texts of the poems have been generously included on facing pages. Baudelaire, who had drawn much of his early inspiration from Hugo, notoriously moves between the grotesque and the sublime in his poems.

As for the indisputable influence of Gautier, this is also perfectly represented. The translator herself has noted in her brief introduction that not every poem of Les Fleurs du Mal transposes easily into English, especially given as we immediately discern her own technical exigencies, those of translation properly speaking. The nineteenth century had a similar understanding of selection.

Comprehensive translations were left to academics who were seldom poets in their own right, whereas working poets like Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Algernon Charles Swinburne tended to be selective in their choice of content. Indeed, Rossetti, although selective, was nevertheless prolific, with his English translations of nearly two hundred poems, beside the Vita Nuova, swelling the pages of his Early Italian Poets There is also the question of degrees of translation, from the poetically licensed to the more precise transposition of forms and stylistic devices belonging to translation in the stricter sense.

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Strum, a friend and collaborator of William Butler Yeats, had achieved fame for his translation of Les Fleurs du Mal. She renders Baudelaire into beautiful English prosody without eviscerating his technique, style, or meaning. In other words, Helen Palma has taken the more difficult and arduous route of translation, one which is less and less traveled these days, but which offers far greater rewards for the reader.

One would expect no less from a singularly gifted poet holding advanced degrees in Classics and Comparative Literature from City University of New York.

Those possessing extensive knowledge of Baudelaire and his time will especially enjoy these intellectively gratifying translations of Les Fleurs du Mal, while those wishing to enjoy Baudelaire in English on a simple, poetic level, will keep this much-needed book ever at their side—a stolen pleasure of the highest order.