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As the dish has gained popularity, chefs have put their own unique spins on it, adding in different meats and spices to play with the flavor. It was brought to America in the 17th and 18th centuries by German colonists who settled in the Philadelphia area. In , the first mass-produced version of scrapple arrived via Habbersett , which is still making the product today. It is typically pork bits, after all. In , they created a Beer for Breakfast Stout that was brewed with Rapa pork scrapple.

A representative for the scrapple brand called the collaboration a "unique proposition. More than 25, attendees make the trek annually. Carter leads visitors through part of the property Tubman owned for five decades, which is now part of the National Park system. Here are nine facts Carter and Hill share that tend to stun visitors. Her birth name was Araminta Ross, and her family called her "Minty" as a child.

She changed her name to Harriet, in honor of her mother, when she was a teenager. A weight thrown at another slave hit Tubman in the head when she was young. She nearly died, and for the rest of her life she suffered from headaches, seizures, and visions. She undertook journeys of hundreds and thousands of miles despite deep physical limitations.

Ultimately she led more than 70 people to safety, many to St.

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Catharines, Ontario. Though she had a reputation for being forceful—she was said to threaten people who balked along the route to freedom with a gun—Tubman was tiny, standing just under 5 feet. While she was gone conducting along the Underground Railroad, her husband, John Tubman, took another wife. After he died, she also remarried. Her second husband, Nelson Davis, was much younger—at least 24 years—but he, too, predeceased her by many years. Her service included leading a raid that freed slaves in South Carolina—making her the first woman to lead an armed raid in enemy territory in the United States, according to Hill.

It was his house in Auburn that she purchased as her family residence, for a very reasonable price, in And though she always struggled financially, she was a woman of deep faith who shared what little she had, donating a piece of her property as a Home for the Aged serving elderly African Americans. She wound up living there during her own later years, too. BY Jake Rossen. Lists politics presidents. Subscribe to our Newsletter! BY Jennifer M Wood.

Lynda Bird Johnson Robb advocates for equal rights for women and minorities.

Scrapple is typically made of pig parts. Lots and lots of pig parts. People were eating scrapple long before it made its way to America. If your scrapple is gray, you're a-ok. Scrapple can be topped with all kinds of goodies.

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  • Dogfish Head made a scrapple beer. Delaware holds an annual scrapple festival each October. Food History holidays Lists News. BY Lynn Freehill-Maye. A boy spends the night cleaning the school with his father. This is a tender and joyful look at work and time spent together. A Parade of Elephants. By Kevin Henkes. Five elephants march in a line, up and down, under and over, and round and round, introducing simple concepts to very young children in this perfectly delightful confection. The Party and Other Stories. By Sergio Ruzzier. Fox and Chick manage to be good friends despite their differences in this uncluttered, laugh-out-loud early reader.

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    In , Boy, an orphaned servant, is hired to accompany a pilgrim seeking the seven relics of St. Newbery Honor Book.

    By Kate Messner. By Catherine Thimmesh. What does a panda suit have to do with species conservation?

    Ronald Reagan - A Short Biography for Kids

    As this comprehensive book about a panda rehabilitation program in China reveals, quite a lot. Can I Touch Your Hair? Poems of Race, Mistakes, and Friendship. By Irene Latham and Charles Waters.

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