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The 8 most historic (real) haunted houses in N.J. -

Imagine looking out the window to see the ghost of a young, bloodied soldier looking back at you. New Orleans is widely regarded as one of the most haunted cities in America. Her first two husbands died of strange causes and during her third marriage, the mansion was set ablaze. The cause?

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A slave reportedly started the fire after being chained up in the kitchen, just to make people aware of what was going on. Two centuries of poltergeist activity have followed. Yet, it is. The house on Falls Road was once home to so much activity that a family could bank on something odd happening on a daily basis. The main occurrence was the sound of a ghost walking and dragging one foot on the ground.

Once, a woman entered a room, heard a sigh, and then heard the ghost drag its foot all the way out the door and into the hallway. Mudd in order to hideout for three days.

Furthermore, some people believe they can see the spirit of Wilkes Booth sitting on the bed where he stayed after the assassination. The presence is so strong that it even makes an impression on the bed. However, a similar murder occurred at the same house long before the Borden family moved in. Nowadays, however, visitors simply claim to hear the spirits of children or report that someone pulls the sheets off their bed. This historic home is now an upscale inn which, to be fair, is actually very beautiful and elegant-looking from the outside.

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However, numerous people have reported different kinds of ghost sightings and incidents here. There seem to be more than a few spirits wandering the halls of this old castle. The creepiest part? They try to communicate with the living through unplugged radios. While this might not be true, the inn does host a haunted dinner that seems to spook guests. The mansion was home to former grocery-store entrepreneur Chauncey Griggs. However, because the family was never home, their young maid became so depressed that she hung herself. It makes sense that a home that sits atop a Civil War burial site might be the most haunted house in Mississippi.

The house itself served as a field hospital during the gruesome war. Visitors believe the most active spirit to be that of Mary Elizabeth Howard, who died during childbirth. One former owner of the house was killed on-site, which on fuels further speculation that this house actually is very haunted. The Lemp family seemed to live through various different periods of living hell during the 18th and 19th centuries. Four different members of their family committed suicide at the Lemp Mansion, making it one of the most sombre houses in all of Missouri history.

The Most Haunted House In Each State

Guests have reportedly heard a piano play a single, low note all night long. The most haunted house in Montana is in the spooky town of Virginia City.

The Haunted Mansion (film)

You can book a night in Room 1, which is said to be the most active room in the entire house. In fact, guests report that each night the spirit enters the room and takes form as a spectral nun. The spirit that haunts this house is thought to be that of former Civil War Capitan Benson Bailey, who was poisoned by a neighbour. No wonder he still haunts the place. This lavish mansion is so steeped in history that its former guests want to stick around to enjoy it for a while. As well, some people have seen a colonel walking about in the kitchen.

This house-turned-museum is reportedly home to eleven different spirits and one ghost cat.

Anybody you ask will know about the Spy House. That caused a lot of bad blood, and it seems like the soldiers are still haunting the grounds today. The Amityville House in Long Island, which was made famous by the movie of the same name. In the 70s, a ghost reportedly convinced a man to shoot six of his family members.

The same demonic spirit came back when the next family moved in. The Biltmore Estate is another one of those houses that pretty much everyone agrees on is the most haunted house in North Carolina. The love between George and Edith Vanderbilt seems to have been so strong that they wanted to stay together in their massive mansion even in the afterlife. Numerous people report that they can hear George and Edith laughing together in certain rooms. Edith also likes to call out to George, which is both incredibly romantic and heartbreakingly sad.

But, you might want to be on the lookout for his wife. Her spirit is dressed in black mourning clothes as she wanders the house looking for General Custer, who never made it home from Little Big Horn. When the Tiedemann family moved in, they randomly started dying. The Victorian mansion is home to a lot of guests, two of whom live in the spirit realm. She also seems to enjoy playing with guests by moving their personal belongings from one spot to another.

The woman, who people call Rue, loves to stomp around angrily on the floors. If you have the guts to do it, rumour also has it that she loves to make appearances when summoned by an Ouija board. The haunting at Farnsworth House is actually quite endearing. The spirit of a woman is often said to accompany those who are sad or suffering.

The movie The Conjuring was based on real-life events that supposedly occurred at a farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island.

San Antonio's urban legends and haunted spots

This is definitely the most haunted house in South Carolina. Adams purchased it in order to enjoy his later years with his wife Alice, they both fell in love with the house until her death. Adams went on to remarry, and when he died his new wife heard his spirit walking around upstairs. She immediately boarded the house and left out of respect for her late husband, not wanting to disturb him. This antebellum house is the site of more than a few grisly murders, the first being that of Dr.

James Harvey Baker. The doctor was killed by Union troops who fired through the front door. This all resulted in his hanging from a tree in Downtown Knoxville. Various paranormal investigators have visited Haunted Hill House only to leave bruised, scratched, and even bitten. Now, you can book a reservation to stay overnight. But, you have to sign a waiver beforehand. Because there are so many weddings here, the little girl has learned to enjoy all of the visitors. Guests often see her smiling or catch a glimpse of her in their photos. Looking for the most haunted places in Vermont?

Head to the Hartness House Inn. Strange things seem to happen here, especially in the underground tunnels that the original owner built. One of the ghosts loves to chat with guests, while another is believed to be the spirit of the Witch of Pungo. Without a doubt, this is one of the most haunted houses in America. The sprawling estate might look elegant, but the walls hold secrets nobody will ever find the answers to. What looks to be a real-life European castle is actually the most haunted house in West Virginia.

The ghostly inhabitants? The former owner, his wife, and her lover. Image: Jim DeMain. These guided tours take about 1. Call for information and to make an appointment. That is a lot of death associated with this one house. Although the floors have been cleaned numerous times, the bloodstains keep returning. Image: Wheatland s Plantation. Tours and information: Learn about the park and its many amenities here. From hiking trails to camping sites, the park invites outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy the beauty and nature of the area.

Usually the forest is peaceful and inviting … until the sun goes down. The park may look calm during the day, but when the sun goes down, watch out for Pigman! Image: Tennessee State Parks. Tours and information: Open 8 a. For more information see the Shiloh National Park website.