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27 Ways to Learn to Program Online

Programming involves lot of work writing, revising and fixing code. When code goes bad, programmers can spend days wrestling with thousands, if not millions, of lines of code while solving the problem. The patience of Job is often required.

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Without it, frustration and dissatisfaction can wear anyone down. Continuously learning. Many Programming languages have existed since we started programming computers. Some languages evolve while others disappear. A good programmer will continuously learn and stay abreast of developments in his or her field. Programming pros must have a willingness to adapt and learn new languages as the market changes. Ability to analyze. Programming involves lots of analysis, starting with analyzing customer requirements and ending with analyzing and fixing code problems. The stronger your analysis skills are, the more efficient and capable you will be when solving code problems.

Stress management. Programmers continuously undergo stressful situations. They regularly function in demanding and time-sensitive situations. Additionally, any delay in programming costs clients or employers money. Meeting tough deadlines and fixing bugs in operational software is not for uptight personalities. Most of the time, programmers work in teams. Major software programming projects are divided into smaller projects and programmers have to coordinate and work together.

Cooperation among multiple programmers is an essential element of the successful integration of building software solutions, especially in larger projects requiring massive amounts of integration. Programmers must absolutely be good team members. Becoming a programmer Step One — Choose a programming language that matches your interest. Two programming languages that match this recommendation are Python and Ruby. Both are easy to learn and simple to use in coding. Many programmers begin with these languages as a way to develop their skills, and then learn more advanced languages as they progress in their careers.

It can also be mixed with HTML.

Net — Also from Microsoft, this is a high-level Object Oriented programming language. Step Two — Gather the resources that you will use to learn. There are also literally thousands of available books and publications, paid and free, on the internet.

How to become a Computer Programmer

Just download and start learning from home. Programming For Some Time: Perhaps you started programming in high school and have progressed into college.

You got: Don't Become a Computer Programmer

At this point, you might be a junior or senior in a computer science or computer engineering degree program. You could also be an enterprise developer looking to make a transition from database programming to the game industry. Your knowledge of syntax and data types will help you write better programs and games.

In any case, you should be able to complete all of the tasks that have been listed in the previous two sections and now you need to tackle the bigger problems. A background in computer science or a game training program will be very beneficial. My suggestions for you are these:. When an employer begins a search for a particular programmer candidate, they will likely have many different expectations about the type of person they would ideally like to find. You will almost always find that there are some desired qualities that are specific to that particular company such as the ability to speak French , but there are some general qualities that will always make you an extremely valued employee at any company.

Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years

Team Attitude: Probably the single most important quality in a production environment, team attitude implies a type of selflessness and dedication to the team and project over your own personal interests. Self-starters: These are the programmers who do not need constant supervision. Once given a task, they will supervise themselves.

They will ask another programmer on the team for information when and if they need it. They will go to the designer and ask questions relating to the implementation of their task. They will go to the artists and track whatever assets are needed for their task. This ability to self-start allows a manager to assign a task and walk away knowing that they do not have to oversee all the different aspects of accomplishing that particular task.

Self-starters are worth their weight in gold. Follow-through: The ability to see tasks through to the end, on both a micro and macro level, is a highly valued quality.

There is a thrill with the beginning of every new task you take on. It is something new and exciting and you generally don't have any difficulty getting started on it. It can become tedious, but rarely do you nail something such as AI character behavior the first time around the block.

Perfection will come with time. Communication: Communicating -- and communicating well -- with others in a team environment is extremely important.

is computer programming hard? how to become a computer programmer

This can glaze over the eyes of nearly any artist, designer, or producer. It is a rare gift indeed for a programmer to be able to communicate to others in a language that they understand. This isn't easy; it can take time to perfect, but it is well worth the effort. Responsibility: Taking responsibility for what you have done or what you are supposed to do goes hand in hand with all the other qualities. Those that embrace responsibility and, in fact, seek more are those who rise to lead programmer status and become one of the cornerstones of any team.

When all is said and done … when you've acquired the right skills, determined you have the right qualities for the job, are convinced game programming is the career path you want … you should consider whether the wages are the sort you're after. Salaries, as in any job, depend on where you sit on the food chain. Regardless, you should be aware that there does seem to be a lower average salary for programmers in the game industry when compared with business programmers from equal positions of experience and education.

If that is the case, why would anyone want to work for less money doing the same job? The truth of the matter is that, while the skill of programming may be the same or similar, the jobs are completely different. On a game project, you have a good time working on a piece of entertainment. You also have more liberal hours and you don't have to wear a suit to work. The bottom line is to imagine whether you would want to work on a project writing drivers for printers or on a project making the next Doom.

Most people who love making games make the sacrifice of money for a job they love to work at every day. Give that some thought before you charge full-speed-ahead into that next game company employment office. Latest Jobs. Latest Blogs.